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Directions for use?

Gently stir contents.  Apply small portion to skin and rub in for at least 10 seconds.   Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.


How often can I use Salt Scrubs?

We recommend twice a day for smooth skin. Most people find that using it once a day is sufficient. 


Why plastic jars in stead of glass jars?

Plastic jars are less likely to break.  They are lighter to ship.  We always recommned recycling the empty jars.


What's the expiration date?

Our salt scrubs are made in small batches for freshness.  The jar will last you about 18 months, but most don't make it past one month because our customers love to use it.  


Do we do custom orders?

Absolutely!  Fill out the "contact us" form and someone will be contact with you shortly.  The most popular custom order is for wedding favors or for a bridal shower.